Our mission is to provide people of the world with exceptional health services aimed at bringing back vitality, energy, and nutrition; promotion of healthy lifestyles, and use of natural remedies.

A healthy society free from both communicable and non-communicable diseases that are a result of poor lifestyle.

We accomplish our mission and vision which are fundamental to our success by adhering to the following values:

  • We respect our customers
  • We maintain confidentiality
  • We value creativity and innovation
  • We value honesty, integrity and simplicity in business ethics


Healthy by Choice is a company that was established in 2013 by Mr.Fallang Khechane. Upon the realisation that there is a great need for healthy lifestyle among Basotho; and that many people were dying and suffering unnecessarily, Healthy by Choice was born.

Mr Fallang was later joined by Yanda Khechane, who is well experienced in the cooking industry, hence why an establishment of vegetarian restaurant.

Since its inception, the company has embarked on a serious growth journey as it is known mostly in the lowlands of Lesotho. The company has conducted a number of free educational services such as, health talks in schools around Maseru town, giving out recipes, and natural product description. The company has also conducted health seminars for general public.

In villages and small towns, the company saw it fit and proper that we bring to people’s attention the importance of basic health evaluation. This was achieved through health expos. The company has presented, and is continuing to do so, in a number of local and national radio stations. These programmes have proved to be popular with audiences of the radio stations. This owes to the fact that the presentations have quality educational value.

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