Effects of poisons found in cigarettes cannot be fully understood until one has to deal with addicts of this deadly, health degrading and toxic substance. It is, rather unfortunately, one of the socially acceptable drugs and as a result it is freely used and highly addictive.

This programme deals with reversing the harmful effects of cigarettes’ addiction. It targets at dealing with the most difficult part of stopping smoking; withdrawal symptoms. The programme runs over a period of five continuous (5) days.

This programme runs periodically until improvement is seen on the part of the “patient”. Participants are taken over a series of power-of-will challenging activities meant to arouse their willingness to live sober lives. Moreover, the activities are meant to bring to participants’ attention the compromises they indulge in by giving the mind false impressions painted by the use thereof.

In these seminars, participants are made aware of the harmful effect of adapting the modern lifestyle e.g. diet (instant foods and fast foods) and lack of physical activities. The benefits of simple lifestyle are highlighted and strongly encouraged.


Participants are introduced to healthy recipes which they can prepare for their families and themselves. The sessions go beyond just introduction, participants actually engage in literally preparing the wholesome and mouth-watering meals. This has proved to be a great success in healing and preventing diseases. The seminars have also proved to be effective in stimulating participants’ creativity in the kitchen.

The objective of these sessions is to determine health status of individuals in contrast to international health yardsticks. These sessions are eye openers to participants who come out of the sessions with the knowledge and realisation that their lives are their responsibilities. Tests done include:

  • Pulse rate
  • Urine colour
  • Regularity of bowel movement
  • Lung capacity
  • Body mass index


We sell organic natural health foods and medicinal herbs. These products are procured from reliable and certified suppliers. These include:

  • Charcoal: one of the most versatile and powerful detoxinols
  • Plant milk: a healthy alternative to dairy produce
  • Aloe Vera juice
  • Herbal salts
  • Vegetable stock

Fruits are some of the quickest and effective medicines. They are readily absorbed by the body to bring fast relief. When taken in liquid form, whole though – not juices, they are both appetising and easy to digest. The smoothies we sell are fresh and prepared on demand.

Whole wheat is extremely beneficial to health. The digestible and non-digestible fibre found in it help in the proper bowel movement. It is a low in GI (glycaemic index) and thus ensuring gradual supply of healthy sugars in the blood.

Therapies and Healing Programmes

Individuals who have specific health problems which have been diagnosed by medical practitioners consult on the basis of one-to-one consultation. We recommend specific diets for their conditions and if need be, we prescribe herbs to cure their ills.

Most of non-communicable diseases are caused by improper lifestyle and develop over time (chronic). Chronic diseases include life threatening diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. These diseases can be prevented and/or reversed. Through nutritional counselling we have successfully dealt with such diseases without use of prescription drugs.

Due to increased use of food chemicals such as preservatives, food enhancers and colorants serious load of toxins are introduced to the human body. Over time, these toxins burden the functionality of all body organs resulting in modern diseases such as cancer.

The programme of detoxification is aimed at removing toxins from the body and thus prevents occurrences of diseases. The program also brings back vitality and energy that the body needs to achieve longevity.

The world has the eastern medicine to thank for discovering healing properties of water. Healing with water involves both external and internal use of this natural and abundant resource. Water stimulates circulatory system and nervous systems which are key to healing. Due to the aforementioned properties of water, it can be used to treat almost all diseases.

The benefits of sunlight can never be underestimated. Proper exposure – at the right time of the day – brings about many benefits including proper functioning of the nervous system and combating extreme fatigue.

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